Try Indoor Bouldering at Volcanic Rock Gym

Looking for a fun new workout idea? Try indoor bouldering and rock climbing out at Volcanic Rock Gym in Waipio Gentry. The being808 team went out to visit Justin, the gym’s owner and one of the top climbers in the state.

The gym offers traditional rock climbing, where you strap into a harness, attach a rope, and a partner spots as you climb. The gym also offers an activity called bouldering, where there’s no rope and no partner (but a huge cushy mat waits below). When you boulder, you can be anywhere from two to ten feet off the ground depending on how comfortable you are.

Justin started the being808 crew in the back cave of the gym where we were only two feet off the ground. The first exercise was to scramble across the wall horizontally for about thirty feet. After two rounds we were all sweating and out of breath. We then graduated to the 10-foot wall that you scale vertically. This actually seemed easy in comparison.

He then introduced us to the extreme pull-up area: Volcanic style. Watch the video to see how Justin repped them out like it was nothing…. no one on our team could even do one (working on it though!).

Finally we got a lesson in traditional rock climbing. Safely getting into the harness, belaying, and communication between the partners. Our two-hour visit went by in a flash and we got a great workout. We all discovered new muscle groups the next morning when waking up with screaming muscles in the back, tripceps and even fingers.

There’s a tight community of extremely health-conscious people centered around climbing. Even if you don’t think you’d like to do this regularly, it definitely makes for a fun outing.


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