Whales on a Hiking Trail?

Hiking isn’t necessarily an all-day activity. Trails like the Ka`Iwi Scenic Shoreline in Makapu`u on O`ahu’s east side are perfect for times when one wants to just break away for an hour-long walk or perhaps round up the family for a safe hike. The 2-mile (round trip) trail features a very dry and windy climate for its visitors, but there is much beauty to behold. The being808 team was treated to views of breathtaking cliffs, an array of cacti and even a whale or two.

Various scenic points along the path give novice hikers the option of easily taking a breather when needed. Of course, the featured landmark of the trail is the red-roofed Makapu`u Lighthouse, built back in 1909. A note for those who enjoy uploading mobile shots and tweeting along on their journey: the team had wireless access for the majority of the way up. So tweet away! Just keep your eyes on the path.

All jokes aside, there was one off-putting element that hindered nature’s beauty. Of the cacti along the path, many were carved with messages. We poke fun of the vandalism in our video, but in all seriousness, we encourage everyone to be respectful of our `aina.

Our faith in natural beauty was instantly renewed when we came across a large mass of visitors huddled at the top of the hill’s lookout point. At first we thought, “Wow, that must be some lighthouse.” To our surprise, there was a whale sighting! The eager onlookers didn’t get the tail-flapping show they had hoped for, but just seeing its back rise to the ocean surface and a few puffs from its blowhole was enough for us.

Do you have any trails that you’d like to see the team explore? Any hidden gems that you’d like to share? Let us know and we’ll lace up, turn our cameras on and head out the door!

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