Yoga Can Bend to Your Needs

Hot Power Infusion. It sounds like taking an energy drink intravenously. In reality, it is one of the many types of yoga offered at CorePower Yoga in Kahala Mall. We sat down with manager Zoe Pappas to get some facts about yoga, learn some moves and answer our readers’ questions from Facebook and Twitter.

CorePower Yoga puts its own twist on the ancient Indian practice by focusing on the belly area, strengthening this core area, which then tones the rest of the body. In addition to loosening up muscles and  joints, Pappas says there are additional health benefits of yoga that are continually being discovered.

Kehaulani Volhein, a member of the being808 community on Facebook, wanted to know the different types of yoga and what type of student would be best suited for each.

CorePower Yoga offers three different types:

Power Vinyasa – CorePower Yoga’s specialty, offered at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Yoga Sculpt – an intermediate-leveled class using free weights. This is appropriate for those seeking an exercise type of class.

Hot Power Fusion – for students of all levels, this class is a combination of Power Vinyasa and static postures of traditional hot yoga. This class is recommended for those who do not wish to have a lot of stress on their wrists and other joints.

From our Twitter community, @NEENZ wanted to know if there are yoga movements that people can do at their own leisure, throughout the day. In the video, Pappas demonstrates her favorite, called the “forward fold.” It is designed to loosen up the lower back and spine by bringing your belly to your thighs.

CorePower Yoga encourages people to come in and at least try yoga to see if it works for them.

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