Not just a walk: AIDS Walk full of dancing, laughter, costumes

Kapiolani Park was the site for the 21st Annual Honolulu AIDS Walk this past Sunday and many were on hand to help raise money for The Life Foundation. Executive Director Paul Groesbeck laced up his sneakers along with fellow participants to raise awareness and support those living with HIV/AIDS.

Music began blaring long before the start of the walk, as Street Jamz Werkout had the crowd dancing to warm up and get their juices flowing. Emcee Kathy with a K warned the crowd, “If you’re wondering if this is part of the walk… it is!” That set a perspective for the entire event. From the dancing to visiting the education booths, it was all part of the walk.

Any bystander along the walk route witnessed a motley crew sporting wigs, make-up and homemade signs. The walk itself took the overachieving runners about 22 minutes before appearing at the finish line, while the rest of the herd began trickling in after another 20 minutes. First or last, all finishers were happily greeted by volunteers and were treated to hours of entertainment and products from sponsoring vendors.

As Groesbeck greeted and thanked the crowd, he brought his 15-year-old daughter on stage and shared his hope that she would see a cure for AIDS in her lifetime. With the continued efforts of organizations such as The Life Foundation, it is a possibility.

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