Adult Gymnastics Encourages a Lifetime of Fitness

Think gymnastics and many of us picture a muscular teen landing Olympic-style flips under the tutelage of a harsh Eastern European coach. Based on this highly visible aspect of the sport, many dismiss the notion of continuing gymnastics into their adulthood. Hawaii Academy believes in a lifetime of fitness and the gym’s staff showed being808 that there is more to gymnastics that what you see on TV.

Their evening adult gymnastics class offers a variety of challenges from basic tumbling  to double mini-trampoline somersaults. For those who love to flip, Hawaii Academy offers a safe environment with padded floors and safety bungees. The state-of-the-art bungee belt trampoline rig is heavily used by the seniors of the class, allowing them to jump with a slow bounce. The eldest member of the group is Bill Harris, a retired physician who religiously attends the class at the age of 81.

Both Harris and instructor Dr. Donna Mah say the trampoline provides a cardio workout that is easier on the joints than other endurance sports. Mah adds, “You have to hold a nice tight core just to even jump properly.” Other health benefits mentioned include increasing students’ range of motion. For some it helps their golf swing. It even helps seniors continue basic movements such as putting on their clothes.

On a typical weekend, the gym will have two or three generations of a family taking classes at the same time and they offer family discounts to help make that happen. Parents, grandparents and great-grandparents have the private time to get their workout and their children are inspired to continue their own fitness journey. The gym does sometimes dive into the competitive gymnastics that you see on television but for most students, after working all day, they just want to do some flips, get some cardio and feel great about themselves.

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