Get it Gurl Fitness: Dancing with Confidence

Stilettos and chairs are just some of the unconventional workout tools you’ll find in Get it Gurl Fitness. Socee Ramos is an instructor of the new fitness program, designed to spread the joy of dancing with sexy confidence. Regardless of their shape or size, Ramos wants her students to feel comfortable in their own skin. This is perhaps the reason the class starts off with the “Get It Girl Walk.” In the opening routine, attitude is stressed more than correct form.

Although considered low impact, the slow groove of Get it Gurl Fitness provides a total body workout. Its dance steps offer a cardio workout while also engaging oblique muscles. The second half of the class is done in high heels and anyone who has worn a pair can attest they tone the leg muscles. Chairs also come into play with the heels. The chairs help some with balance, but for the most part, they’re used to make the dance routines fun.

Like most workouts, the routines can be learned and practiced at home. However, the support dancers give each other in class is an important motivator. In Ramos’ class, not a song goes by where students aren’t high-fiving and giving words of encouragement. She also makes it a point to tell her students, “We’re already sexy. We’re just trying to get sexier.”

Suggested Equipment:

– Comfortable workout shoes (first half of class)
– High-heeled shoes (second half of class)
– Water
– Towel

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