Tips from the Cubicle: Jumping Jacks

Don’t have enough time to hit the gym?

Tips from the Cubicle is a series from being808 designed to help you get a workout in the workplace. In this installment, Beachbody coach JoAnn Taira Cheung shows us the value of doing jumping jacks.

Cheung explains that when you feel hungry for a snack, sometimes it’s just your body’s way of asking for energy. Doing simple exercises such as jumping jacks, push-ups or even taking the stairs can give your body the natural boost it needs.

In this demonstration, she suggests doing 10 jumping jacks, then having some water and waiting for 10 minutes to see what your body tells you.

JoAnn Taira Cheung is a certified Beachbody coach, has a master’s degree in Human Development and specializes in P90X.

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