Warriors Pushing Themselves to Exhaustion at EC Fitness

Modern day warriors aren’t wielding swords or riding horses. Instead, they grip dumbbells and swing “battling” ropes. This is just some of the equipment used in the Warrior class at EC (Everyone Can) Fitness. Director of fitness and gym owner Eddie Clattenburg spoke to being808 about his full-body workout class.

“It’s my take on the popular trend right now of high-intensity group workout classes,” says Clattenburg.

Although wooden boxes, medicine balls and tractor tires line the perimeter of the gym, not all of them are necessarily used in a single workout. He continuously changes the class routines, creating a unique workout experience.

When discussing the health benefits of the Warrior class, Clattenburg says it’s all about achieving “full body fitness.” He adds, “most people today aren’t looking to just get real big, aren’t looking to run a marathon. We’re trying to encompass what most of the general population is going for.” That means you can expect a cardio workout along with some muscle conditioning.

The class warms up together with ladder drills and then typically splits into groups of three. Camaraderie is an important motivator, but students are reminded that the workout is “you versus you.” That means the goal is not to compare themselves to others around them. Rather, they are encouraged to push themselves to exhaustion.

Given the gym’s proximity to the University of Hawaii, many in the class are near college age. But Clattenburg says he has had students from as young as 12 years old to some in their mid-60s.

As far as suggested equipment, the only thing required at the door is a good attitude. EC Fitness provides water, towels and even a post-workout shake. Clattenburg just asks for a willingness to work hard and to follow his instruction. He can always modify routines for his students but what’s important is that they try, he says.

EC Fitness
2600 S King St #205
Honolulu, HI 96826

First Warrior class is free.

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