Box Gardening Tips: Upcycling Spoons into Garden Markers

In previous posts, Marisa from Ewa Beach demonstrated how to turn an old dresser drawer into a raised garden bed. After walking us through appropriate plant placement, she gave being808 a final gardening tip on how to upcycle spoons into garden markers.

Tools & Materials

– Spoons
– Metal stamping set
– Ball-peen hammer
– Steel bench block
– Black permanent marker
– Fine steel wool

Marisa suggests first flattening the spoon by striking it against the steel bench block with a ball-peen hammer.

Using the corresponding letters from her metal stamping set, she spells out the plant name of choice.

The ball-peen hammer is then used to strike the stamp into the spoon, which is lying flat on the steel bench block.

Once all of the letters are stamped, she uses a permanent black marker to color in each letter.

She then brushes the spoon with fine steel wool to remove excess ink and oxidation. What is left should be a polished spoon, stamped with the names of the soon-to-be plants.

Marisa suggests placing the upcycled garden markers either in front of or to the side of the corresponding plants.

By upcycling household items such as old utensils, valuable landfill space is saved. Marisa’s spoon garden markers also reflect the sun to keep away winged predators and give the raised bed a rustic aesthetic.

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