Beach Workout Waikiki: Sweating it Out on the Sand

Going to the beach for most people means lying out on the sand to catch a few rays. But for Mark Osman and the rest of the members of Beach Workout Waikiki, the sandy plains serve as a personal gym. Randy Morris, president of the Extreme Fitness Club, started the free workout group in 1996 as a way to give back to the community. When Morris is not at the helm, Osman steps in to instruct the 40-member group in an hour-long session.

Osman says what makes Beach Workout Waikiki unique among a sea of fitness trends is the sand. He adds, “Running on the sand is just a new element to what you won’t get in a gym.” Members also do lunges, pushups and medicine ball relays on the sand.

Over the years, Osman has heard many reasons for people wanting to join the workout. Some come for rehabilitation, others are former athletes looking to get back into shape. He believes the beach itself is another factor because people would rather work out in the fresh air than a gym. Although the workout is done in a group, members are reminded that it’s all about personal goals. All of the routines are designed to be replicated and done from anywhere. What Morris and Osman strive to do is constantly introduce new combinations to keep the workout fresh.

Beach Workout Waikiki is free and open to all ages. The group meets every Tuesday and Friday at 5 p.m. on Queen’s Beach, across from the Honolulu Zoo. Although there is no required equipment, they are currently encouraging members to bring medicine balls to the Tuesday workout. A water bottle is also recommended.

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