From the Box Garden to the Kitchen: Arugula/Brie Salad

After an afternoon of Box Gardening Tips, Marisa from Ewa Beach demonstrated how to enjoy the fruits of her labor, so to speak. She walked us through making an arugula/Brie salad, using fresh arugula from one of her existing raised garden beds.


– 1 bunch of arugula (6 to 7 oz.)
– 1 pear
– 1 wedge of Brie cheese
– balsamic vinegar
– honey
– extra virgin olive oil

Chop and rinse the arugula.

Thinly slice the pear, and the wedge of Brie cheese into thirds.

Evenly mix the balsamic vinegar, honey and extra virgin olive oil to create the salad dressing.

Lightly pour the dressing over the salad and add pepper to the desired amount.

Enjoying something from their own garden is not only satisfying, it also motivates proud gardeners to cook and explore new recipes.

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