Urban Foraging: Food is Everywhere

Foraging doesn’t necessarily mean trotting off into a forest for berries. In fact, Know Krumbs founder Laycie Love says that foraging can be done right in your own neighborhood. The being808 team tagged along on Love’s 2-block urban foraging trip in Honolulu’s Makiki district. We found eight edible items, spotting some along property fence lines and others along drainage ditches. Love pointed out that people walk past urban landings every day, not realizing fresh fruits are flourishing in the wild a few feet away. Sometimes all you have  to do is take the time to look up.

Before climbing up a neighbor’s mango tree, it’s important to know Love’s Foraging 101 Tips:

– Never steal, always ask.
– Know your plants.
– Wash everything thoroughly.
– Be respectful of neighbors and private property.
– Never take more than you can use.
– Freeze, can or dry any excess.
– Always smile.
– Be quick and productive.
– Offer a commodity you have available.
– Never put yourself or anyone else in dangerous situations.
– Avoid areas where known pesticides are used.
– Have fun!

While foraging is easy on the wallet, foragers also reap the health benefits of an organic diet. Love also said foraging fosters sustainability that goes beyond environmental benefits.

“It’s actually other facets of sustainability like community and the spiritual sustainability of being happy about where you’re at [in life].”

Love is the founder/creator of Know Krumbs – Holistic & Raw Comfort Food, author of the “Sustainable & Conscious Lifestyle Newsletter,” and a Hawaii Food Broker.

Being808 would like to remind those foraging to use caution and to climb, crawl and consume at their own risk.

Suggested foraging equipment:
– Covered shoes
– Bright-colored clothing
– Backpack
– Water
– Pocket knife
– Cell phone

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