‘Warrior Dash’ inspires healthy changes

I’ve never been motivated to exercise on a regular basis. Therefore, when friends asked if I was going to participate in the upcoming Warrior Dash (3 miles with obstacles) I had to give it some thought.

“Pay to exercise?”

But I said “Why not? It’s only 3 miles and I get a shirt, hat and beer.”

group shot before

Group Shot (before)


I used to run cross country in high school and races were also 3 miles, so I figured it’d be cake to do the Warrior Dash. A couple weeks prior, I thought I’d run a couple miles on the treadmill. After the first mile, I realized that the high school days were long gone. My countless years of lethargy had finally caught up with me. Quickly realizing that I didn’t want to finish last among my friends, I started doing daily cardio exercise in the days leading up to the race. I also stopped drinking my daily soda with lunch. This was a diet sacrifice that I knew I could stick with long-term.

Race Day

We arrived at the muddy race course in Waialua, on Oahu’s North Shore, and I’m hoping that I can keep up. The start time arrives and we’re off running, then climbing over and under obstacles. Before I know it, we’re crawling in a mud pit to avoid the barbed wire that leads to the finish line. Beer in hand, I realize that the diet sacrifice and exercise that I had started to prepare for the race was totally sustainable.

Group Shot (after)

Group Shot (after)

Kaizen (Japanese for ‘continuous improvement’)
In the weeks following the race, I have continued to abstain from drinking sodas altogether. I’ve also started eating healthier, blending kale into fruit smoothies on the weekend. I’ve even purchased an elliptical that I continue to use daily for a quick 30-minute cardio workout. Ultimately, the Warrior Dash was the catalyst for change that I needed to start living for a healthier tomorrow.

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