Progression Tips: Pulling Movements

Push-ups and bench-presses are popular exercises, but Ke Ola Mamo fitness trainer Corin Nishimura says pulling movements are also important to a balanced workout.

In this installment of Progression Tips, a series from being808 designed to help prevent injury and ensure a safe workout, Nishimura explains the proper form and progression for pulling movements.

pulling feature

For a balanced routine, he suggests planning to do a pulling movement for every pushing one. Similarly to the previous installment on push-ups, the Smith machine (commonly used for weight training) can be used as a stable rack. Incremental difficulty adjustments for pull-ups can be made by foot placement.

An alternative to the Smith machine could be a suspension trainer, which can be made from such household items as a rope or dog leash. Just be sure to secure the suspension trainer with a sturdy anchor point. Keeping a straight posture throughout the exercise engages the core muscles and provides a full body workout, Nishimura says.

Ke Ola Mamo is a Native Hawaiian health care system, offering various services to the community. For more info, visit:

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