Daily walks dull? Not for this photographer

Shapiro4 About a year ago, freelance photographer Norman Shapiro decided to get back into shape.

Initially, he looked to his treadmill, which had mostly been gathering dust in his home for a decade.

But then, he had another idea.

Shapiro1Shapiro, who lives in Kahana Valley on Oahu’s North Shore, opted to try regularly walking in his community. He took his iPhone along in case any of his clients needed to reach him.

He soon found that his early morning or late afternoon walks were excellent opportunities to enjoy his beachside community.

Sunrises. Sunsets. Calm seas and rough seas. These all made for interesting distractions on his route – keeping him from thinking too much about the exercise he was getting along the way.

When he saw something particularly stunning, Shapiro whipped out his iPhone and shot a photo. He gathered so many images that he decided to put together a book.

Shapiro5Being808 spoke to Shapiro recently, following the release of his self-published book at the Blurb bookstore  ($15.99 for the ebook; $22.79 to $40.29 for a print copy). The book is also available on Apple’s iBookstore.

Shapiro says combining photography – “what I love” – with his walks made him look forward to exercising.

“I’ve found a way to exercise my body and my mind at the same time,” he said.

Shapiro works primarily in movies and television, including for the hit CBS series Hawaii 5-0. He was formerly a news photographer for The Honolulu Advertiser and has also shot commercial, wedding and portrait photography. He has a master’s degree in fine arts from Ohio University.


The photographer at home. Shapiro says walks in his community have taught him how to enjoy exercising.

His usual photo gear is heavy and bulky – not exactly practical for a casual walk.

And he says before he started walking, he hadn’t shot much with his iPhone, other than some family photos.

For his Kahana Valley shots, he used the standard iPhone camera and bought the Filterstorm app ($3.99 for iPhone; $14.99 for iPad) to tone and adjust the photos.

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