Being NEENZ: How to find your wellness groove (again)


If you’ve fallen off the wagon with your wellness plan, don’t beat yourself up. Above, the author wipes sweat from her brow after getting back her workout groove.

Raise your hand if you’ve hit the reset button on your health and wellness goals. Now, raise both hands and your feet if you’ve hit the button so many times that you’ve lost count. You’re not alone. Grab your favorite health shake and pull up a chair, we’ve got some things to cover.

The Process

I’ll be honest, my reset button is worn out. But I don’t want to discuss the button, rather the process that occurs before I push it because in my experience, it’s that process that’s the most destructive.

As you know, I wrote my initial post from a hotel room in Clear Lake, CA. For those of you that don’t know, it’s just past Napa Valley and the home of the local bar, Happy Garden. I was there to attend Principia, an eight-day conference that has catapulted my beingness, dreams, and mindset out of this world. But, that’s another blog post for another day.

I was prepared to nourish my mind and spirit through the knowledge gained from Principia and thought I did too for my body. Heck, I was even traveling with my trainer! And yet, as I boarded my flight from HNL to SFO I realized I had forgotten to pack my bag of nutritional chutzpah. That realization began the detrimental process.

I began beating myself up mentally. I silently asked myself, “How could I forget?” and “Maybe I’m not worthy of wellness?” Worse yet, I gifted myself with thoughts of hypocrisy, failure, and no can.

Who’s still with me?

I resolved to make healthier choices and increase my cardio and strength training. Guess what happened? You’re right, I managed to get one day of sweet sweat in and 10-days of pasta, fried rice, Sprite, and my old buddy Coor’s Light.

I obsessed over my behaviors so much that I became physically ill. And, in case you haven’t noticed already or if you’ve been a long-time friend or follower, you know that I go to extremes with my obsession. I medicated with over-the-counter products, sleep, and even consultation. And yet, my cough wouldn’t go away and my body ached.

The Cure

Today I feel stronger and healthier, not because of Mr. Tylenol or Ms. Nyquil (of which I didn’t take any of the past two days), it’s because I surrendered and forgave myself.

Once I did this, my breathing improved. Suddenly, I wasn’t wheezing or coughing, instead with every breath I smiled brighter. I began my day with an overdose of hugs and kisses from son, Jayden Boy. And you betcha I started holding my shoulders higher and walking with purpose and without pain.

Then, I did the hardest thing to do just before hitting the reset button. I walked into the doors of Transformations Fitness, gave my trainer a hug, and got to work.

So, how do you get your wellness groove back? It’s simple. Surrender, forgive yourself, and get back to working out.

neenz-300x294L.P. “Neenz” Faleafine is the CEO and community developer of Pono Media, a human-centered, data-driven strategic consulting company. She calls herself a “social disruptor,” someone who works to change the status quo because it needs to be changed. She is also on a journey to live a healthier lifestyle. Find her on Instagram  @neenzfaleafine, on Twitter  @NEENZ, on Google+ at +NEENZ or on Facebook at /faleafine.

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