Plan in the works to bring bike share to Honolulu

Bike Share DenverHonolulu is one of the top U.S. visitor destinations. But unlike cities like New York, Miami, Denver and Chicago, one thing that Honolulu lacks is a bike share program.

Cities are being transformed with bike share, which offers a way to reduce carbon emissions and transportation costs while creating new jobs.

The city and state are working to implement bike share in Honolulu by summer 2015. Being808 has been an active member of Honolulu’s Bike Share Working Group, made up of over 50 city, state and private organizations.

The group is now conducting a bike share organizational study to gauge support from the public and private sectors. A preliminary analysis appears to show bike share is well suited for urban Honolulu.

The current proposed system would span from downtown Honolulu to Waikiki, with 140-180 stations and 1,400-1,700 bikes in an initial roll out.

A map of bike share stations was drafted based on expected demand. The map indicated a low demand for bike share in the UH Manoa area, which caused a debate among members.

As many students use bicycles as their main mode of transportation, some working group members disagreed there would be a low demand for bike share in Manoa.

Other group members pointed out students may not have the extra income for regular bike share use and may turn to online sales for a used bicycle instead.

The bike share group ended up suggesting that the university consider subsidizing some of the cost for their students. In doing so, university students would have access to regularly maintained bicycles.

College students are just a portion of the target demo for bike share in Honolulu. The working group hopes to see inter-generational support for the program.


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