Being NEENZ: In 2014, I resolve to be a better me. Here’s how I’ll do it

neenz2Last month, I was asked by Being808 to blog about my New Year’s resolutions. As soon as I agreed, the problems began. Self-doubt bubbled to the surface; I obsessed over my perceived obstacles.

Unfortunately, as soon as I began to focus on the barnacles in my life they began to multiply, weighing me down.

But eventually I returned to the one source I know that works 100 percent of the time — support.

With the help of my support system, I realized there were three things I needed to do before I even rang in the new year.

• I needed to confront my concerns about myself in 2014.

• I needed to make a compromise in my relationship.

• I needed to close the door on anything that wasn’t serving my highest values.

And did I mention I had only four days to accomplish the list?

Well, it was a long four days. I struggled and then I surrendered, emerging from the ashes with a new clarity. With my mind clear, I was able to pinpoint my goals for the new year from pages and pages of “to do” lists I had scribbled over the last few months.

My Personal Improvement Goals

I learned the concept of leading my goals with 3 Words from Chris Brogan, CEO of Human Business Works and publisher of Owner Magazine. These three words represent what I commit to work on personally and professionally.

My three words for 2014 are:

• Integrity is something I am learning more and more about as I grow. It’s the foundation and key to self-improvement. In 2014, I will lead every choice with integrity, especially in keeping my word to myself with respect to my health and wellness.

I admit to often approaching trust as an illusion, something fleeting and unstable. Therefore, I commit to shifting my perception of trust in the new year and trusting without caveats or strings attached.

Empower is something I do inconsistently. I miss opportunities to empower others because of my trust issues. My commitment is to be consistent in empowering myself and others, especially my fiancé Lilinoe and our children, Chelsea and Jayden.

I’ve given myself three powerful words to begin 2014. I know I am capable and worthy of owning these words to become a part of my character.

neenzMy Physical Activity Goals

I have set a year-end goal of getting down to 170 pounds. It’s a big, but healthy and I believe attainable, leap towards my legacy goal of turning off my obesity gene.

The following is a list of various activities that will get me off to a great start:

• Daily walks with my American pit bull puppies, Zeus and Athena. They’re active and have had vaccinations that allow them to venture beyond our yard. Our neighborhood has enough slopes and inclines to give me the increased heart rate required to get in the “fat burning” zone.

• Working out with my personal trainer, Tony Rodriguez-Larkin of Transformations Fitness. He provides more than just hour-long sessions. He’s a resource of nutrition information and spiritual wellness for me. Plus, he’s provided me with a database of workouts to do at home.

• Getting exercise whenever I can. I’d like to start bodyboarding and working in a treadmill regimen.

• Handle my stress better with online tools and, of course, get enough sleep.

• Ensure that I’m getting proper nutrition. One solution that has benefited me is the Body By Vi 90-Day Challenge. On this challenge, I consume a nutritious and tasty shake, receive local and global support and achieve my financial goals too.

So that’s it, my plan for 2014.

I appreciate you reading through this post — it’s been quite a journey for me to get to this point. Over the coming year, I’ll be updating you on my progress. In the meantime, share your suggestions or your own vision for 2014 in the comments section or on Twitter or Facebook.

neenz-300x294L.P. “Neenz” Faleafine is the CEO and community developer of Pono Media, a human-centered, data-driven strategic consulting company. She calls herself a “social disruptor,” someone who works to change the status quo because it needs to be changed. She is also on a journey to live a healthier lifestyle. Find her on Instagram  @neenzfaleafine, on Twitter  @NEENZ, on Google+ at +NEENZ or on Facebook at /faleafine.

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