No judgment here: Pedometer offers support without pressure

PedometerOutsidePocket-20140107It’s not like being on the clock. Pedometer won’t dock your pay if you’re five minutes late. It won’t nag. It just counts your steps.

It offers support without judgment, just like a friend. So I figured I’d name it.

You clip Pedometer to your belt, if you want it to fall off while you do things. Or you clip it inside your pants pocket, if you don’t want to lose it anywhere.

If you get one with a little smarts, like the one my wife got, you tell it your age, weight and the length of your stride.

Then it can tell you:

• How far you walked.

• How many of your steps were aerobic. Pedometer defines aerobic steps to be walking at 60 steps per minute for more than 4 seconds.

• How many calories you burned walking.

PedometerInsidePocket-20140107The first day my wife wore Pedometer, she discovered she had walked almost a mile just doing her daily routine around the house (and our house is on the small side). They say you should get in 10,000 steps a day — about 2.5 miles at her stride length. She was jubilant that she was more than a third of the way there without changing her daily routine.

Later, she wore Pedometer on a shopping trip to the mall, and returned thrilled: 10,296 steps (2.6 miles) completed while taking care of the last few gifts we needed to send out. (Well, she was also thrilled that all our Christmas shopping was done.)

Being very goal-oriented, she’s now always thinking about what she can do to reach her 10,000 steps. For example, instead of planting herself in front of her computer for hours straight while writing a story, she gets up regularly and walks around the house.

She has even changed how she reads books. She used to sit in one room and read. Now she reads awhile in one room, then walks around a bit and settles in a different room to continue reading.

Of course, Pedometer considered few of those steps aerobic. But it encouraged her to resume the morning walks that had fallen by the wayside during the busy holiday season. And she’s picking up the pace on her walks, going for those aerobic steps.

She’s having so much fun with Pedometer, I’m thinking of getting one, too.

jonesDavid Jones is a communications consultant/content coordinator at HMSA. He is also a writer, artist, photographer and musician who blogs (not as often as he would like!) at Jones is a member of the West Oahu Writers Group, helping writers write better since 2000. And while he once was a disc jockey, he is neither as handsome nor as talented as Fernando Pacheco. You can follow him on Twitter.

One comment

  • I got my own Pedometer. It’s kind of cool learning how far apart things really are – for example, it’s 1.33 miles from my home to my office. Also kind of sad learning that my present walking speed is a pokey 1/3rd of what it was in high school! Gotta get back to the old speed!!


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