Quest for Health: A 100-week journey to a healthy lifestyle

kim board 3Kimberley Parker has been on diets before. She’s a pro at them.

She’ll realize she’s let things slip a little, and resolve to straighten up. She’ll be good — exercise, eat right — for as long as six months.

“And then something happens,” she says, “and it throws me off and then I slowly fall back into my old habits.”

This time, though, she’s resolved that things will be different. Starting this month, she’s kicking off a 100-week journey to get back in shape, adopt a healthy lifestyle and inspire others along the way.

Kimberley says overall, she is in good health. But she’s also not getting any younger. When she turns 50 next year, she says, she doesn’t want to find herself in her doctor’s office being diagnosed with a  condition she could have prevented.

“I see people who are slim, but they’re not healthy,” she says. “It’s not really about the weight, it’s about healthy habits.”


So how does Kimberley plan to begin her journey?

She’s starting slow, she says, with walking, using the elliptical and interval training. She’s also going to start cutting out unhealthy foods from her diet, and drinking green smoothies (kale, spinach, fresh fruits) for breakfast.

Kimberley will be posting updates on her progress at Being808 and on Twitter. And she’s hopeful that others will not only support her, but follow her lead. “I want to inspire other people to focus on taking steps toward wellness and good health,” she says.

To mark the beginning of her journey, Kimberley wrote some initial thoughts on where she’s at and where she wants to be:

I declare that 2014 is my Year of Conquest.

Each year I choose a theme for my life and this is my year to conquer anything that stands between me and my goals.

Looking in the mirror, it is obvious that I’ve been holding on to a lot of extra pounds that I accumulated over the past 20 years. This is it! It’s time to conquer my barriers to good health and wellness.

My greatest barrier has been consistency. I adopt healthy habits and do well for several weeks or months. Then, life happens and I end up returning to old habits.

Enough is enough! I’m dedicating the next 100 weeks to losing 100 pounds. Why 100? To develop consistency in forming and maintaining healthy habits.

Plus, it will take 100 pounds to get my slim and sexy back.  Consistency is my path to good health and wellness.

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