Quest for Health: A goal achieved, thanks to support, lifestyle changes and some tough love

HMSA Customer Relations trainer Kimberley Parker is on a 100-week journey to get back in shape, adopt a healthy lifestyle, and inspire others along the way. Follow her #QuestforHealth on Twitter @kitw_kparker.

I did it. I lost four pounds over the last four weeks!

But, I must admit it wasn’t easy.  I’m still trying to get into the groove — and focus on making lifestyle changes instead of focusing on the scale.

Looking at the big picture — the journey — helped me achieve my goal this month. I was also helped along by supportive colleagues and by you, online readers, who are holding me accountable simply by reading this.

Supportive colleagues

Green Smoothie DayMy co-workers have been awesome supporters and an inspiration to me in my Quest for Health.  Over the last month, we’ve eaten healthy together, tracked our eating and exercise, and inspired one another with our successes.

For St. Patrick’s Day, we made green smoothies and ate our veggie leftovers later that week by having a salad bar for lunch.

Several of us downloaded and joined the MyFitnessPal app to track our eating and exercise and support one another. One employee inspired me by sticking to her goals and losing seven pounds.

Others have been using tough love to keep me straight.  They refuse to offer me sweet treats and will stop me from taking a treat from the table in the office.  I tell them: I have 100 weeks to reach my goal, but they’re not accepting any excuses.  I didn’t think tough love was necessary so soon, but I love their support and enthusiasm.

Sticking with it

My ongoing blog makes me think twice about the choices I make (such as when I think about quitting my Quest for Health).

Yes, I must admit quitting has crossed my mind, but I couldn’t think of a way to bow out gracefully with an online audience. I can’t turn back now because I know others are watching. So thank you!

Developing healthy habits

Most importantly, focusing on making lifestyle changes has helped me reach my goals over the past month.

KparkerzumbaTo help me in my Quest, I made minor lifestyle changes over the past month.  I started bringing lunch from home several days a week, reduced my carbohydrate intake, started catching the bus, and engaged in some physical activity.

I had the most fun participating in a three-hour Zumbathon with co-workers. I know I have a lot of hard work ahead, but I’m happy to see that even minor changes to my lifestyle make a difference.

In addition to losing four pounds this month, my thoughts are clearer, I have more energy, and my clothes are fitting better. Four pounds lighter, and I’m ready to move onward to month two in my journey and conquer the thoughts and challenges that might tempt me to lose focus.

kim bio 2Kimberley Parker is a mother, wife, sister, auntie, oldest child, student, life group leader, sorority member, trainer and lifelong learner. Her goal is to build relationships with others and inspire them to live life to the fullest and improve their quality of life. Her motto is, “We only have one life to live and I want to make this world (and my sphere of influence) a better place, one person at a time. It’s never too late to pursue one’s dreams.”

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