Are you making time to connect with the people around you?

walking 1 - 290pxEat healthfully, get active, find a sense of purpose and connect with the people around you. Those are the four things that help us live longer.

For the past several weeks, I’ve been trying to focus on that last point — on making connections and living “people over projects.”

I have a tendency to take on lots of projects at once, and that leaves me with less time to connect with the people in my life or to build new connections.

How will connecting help me on my weight journey?

Sure I might go out for coffee or lunch with a friend, but I’m just as likely to go for a walk. Besides, going out for lunch doesn’t have to add pounds.  Plan ahead and order first.

Previously, I wrote about living life is a team sport— about how your team can cheer you on and keep you going. After chatting with an old friend or making a new one, I come away with new ideas, new perspectives and a renewed desire to keep going. All my team members inspire and motivate me. No negativity here.

It’s important for me to work on connections because I’m an introvert by nature, but everything I do or want to do is about connecting with others. I’ve had to learn how to manage the stress that comes with stepping outside of my comfort zone.

While I still spend (and enjoy) time by myself (and with the dogs and cats), I’ve also learned how to tolerate the feeling of being uncomfortable (or afraid) without eating to make it go away. It’s taken me years (many, many years) and I’m glad I’ve been patient with myself.

Nurturing the connections you have and building new, supportive ones can help you on your journey to health and a long, active life.

shawndraShawndra Holmberg writes about small things we can all do to live a healthier lifestyle. And she believes weight loss is a journey not a destination. Like any journey, weight loss has switchbacks, reduced speed zones, blind curves ahead, and a few fast lanes (yes, even on the Big Island). She also believes that a successful journey begins with small steps. Connect with Shawndra on Facebook or check out her blog.

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