To Your Health: 5 healthful life tips for this year’s grads

Dear Class of 2014,

Congratulations! You’ve made it through high school, or finally got your college degree, or maybe something even more impressive.

You’ve got some big decisions ahead of you. Where will you live? Where will you work? And will there be a decent bar nearby?

graduationThe last thing you’re thinking about is your health. You’re young! You’re unbreakable!

But guess what? There’s no better time to praise yourself for your good habits and kick your old ones to the curb. Before you know it, you’ll be 30-something or 40-something or 50-something (gasp!) and those bad habits will be the reasons your doctor is yammering on about your blood pressure readings.

Being healthy and thinking about your health doesn’t mean you have to act like an adult. There’s plenty of time for that later. Plus, health can be fun – no really, it can. If you adopt a healthy lifestyle now, you’ll be taking awesome selfies into your 90s.

As graduation day nears, you’re getting a lot of advice. So we decided to impart a few pearls of wisdom, too. So here they are, a few things you can do to live a healthy lifestyle:

1. Build exercise into your day. Park far from store entrances and get a little walk in. (This way, more people will see your new $75 kicks.) Take the stairs. Two at a time, if you want. Walk the few blocks to the store. Consider taking a little tour at lunch while you’re chomping on your sandwich. All that movement adds up.

2. You really are what you eat. You know that pizza you just scarfed down? Yeah, it’s not so pretty. Don’t think that you have to eat healthy food all the time, but enjoy splurges in moderation. And work the good stuff into your daily life. Keep cut fruit in your fridge that’s easy to grab. Dip carrot sticks into that hummus rather than chips. Before you know it, you’ll be getting your five a day.

3. The Internet was right: YOLO. You. Only. Live. Once. This social media meme has gotten pretty irritating at this point, but there’s something to living life to the fullest and always being on the lookout for a new adventure. We kind of like the Dr. Seuss version of YOLO a little better, though: “Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting … so get on your way!” Adopt a healthy lifestyle, and you’ll enjoy those great adventures even more.

4. Stop inhaling your food! You’re eating way too fast. At least, you are if you’re like most of us. Slow down. Enjoy your food. Listen to your body, and stop eating before you’re full. Don’t forget, it takes a little time for your stomach to speak to your brain.

5. Finally, look around you. Are your friends happy people or total downers? Would they rather be hiking or playing video games on the sofa? If your friends are healthful, positive, and active, chances are you will be, too. (If they’re not, you might want to find some new friends, or share this healthful advice with your old ones.)

What are your healthful life tips for this year’s grads?

One comment

  • Don’t stress out. Sure, you’re adjusting to new things – college and/or a job, old friends moving away to college, making new friends. Discovering that while you could coast through high school homework, college homework is a whole ‘nother level. But you can handle! IMUA!


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