Healthy Eats: Use bananas and chocolate chips to make tasty ghosts

banana ghost ingredientsWho knew one of your favorite healthy snacks makes a fun Halloween treat? By adding just a smidge of chocolate, your bananas can turn into spooktacular ghosts for your next Halloween party.  Banana ghosts deliver the taste of a chocolate dipped banana without the mess (and calories) . Your ghoulish guests can enjoy them as a finger food or pair them with celery orange pumpkins for a fruitful centerpiece.

What you’ll need:

  • banana
  • flat-bottomed teardrop chocolate chips
  • kitchen knife

banana-ghost-steps1. Carefully peel the banana.

2. Slice the banana in half. This will supply you with two ghosts of the same height. Cut at 1/3 from either end for ghosts of different height.

3. Gently press chocolate chips into each half of the banana to form the ghost’s eyes and mouth. Alternate the flat-bottomed and teardrop sides to create various facial expressions.

And voila! You have banana ghosts for your kids to enjoy.

banana ghost pumpkins_1




Fernando Pacheco is a blogger for being 808, a content specialist at HMSA  and a media jack-of-all trades. He’s dedicated to seeking a healthier lifestyle for himself and his family. Join him on his journey on our blog and on social media! Chat with him directly on Twitter.

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