Healthy Eats: Help your Halloween party soar with pretzel ‘witch broomsticks’

pretzel broom ingredients

Here’s a recipe with three simple ingredients that will earn you some double takes at your Halloween party. Your little ghosts and goblins will be sure to take off with these pretzel and cheese broomsticks. The best part: They won’t realize these are a healthy treat.

We admit, creating these broomsticks takes a little more skill and patience than some of our other healthy Halloween treats, but you and your guests will be wowed by the results.

What you’ll need:

  • pretzel sticks (preferably unsalted)
  • cheese slices
  • chives
  • butter knife


1. Fold a cheese slice in half and use a butter knife to cut fringes about ¾ from the bottom. Each cheese slice should supply you with enough fringe for two brooms.

2. Roll the slice of cheese (fringes down) around the pretzel stick.

3. Tie chive around the cheese to keep it in place.

4. Use a butter knife to remove any excess chive.

Get creative with the arrangement on your platter. Try an alternating pattern or stack them, Lincoln Log-style. Have fun!

pretzel brooms




Fernando Pacheco is a blogger for being 808, a content specialist at HMSA and a media jack-of-all trades. He’s dedicated to seeking a healthier lifestyle for himself and his family. Join him on his journey on our blog and on social media! Chat with him directly on Twitter.

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