Taking a walk down memory lane? Bring the kids

jovellememories1Children have a way of allowing us to relive our childhoods in more ways than one. Having recently moved from Hawaii to Japan, I would have never anticipated reliving one of my favorite childhood memories with my kids here.

I recently had the opportunity to volunteer for my son’s preschool field trip. It was to a local French-inspired amusement park located in the southern most end of Yokosuka City, with breathtaking views overlooking the Miura Peninsula. Wherever there’s an ocean view, I feel so much more at home.

The nostalgia heightened when my son bolted his way to a steep hill where we saw other kids sliding down. All the contagious laughs drew us there! I was pleasantly surprised that the park provided sturdy plastic sleds to use, but I was also sad that there were no good ‘ole fashioned cardboard boxes to slide on instead. Talk about deja vu-to-da-max!

jovellememories2During our lunch break, my son asked if we could hill slide again. How could I say no? I then proceeded to tell him how I used to hill slide with his aunt and uncle when we were his age. In fact, it was a summer tradition! His friends quickly chimed into the conversation with questions like, “Did you have a sled too?” and “Do they have big hills in Hawaii?” They thought my story about using recycled cardboard boxes to slide on was unbelievably silly, but they still wanted to try using cardboard boxes the next chance they got.

After talking to my son and his friends, I realized that I didn’t necessarily have to wait until we visit home (Hawaii) to relive sweet memories like this one. And it’s refreshing to let your mom-stress go and enjoy letting your inner-kid out once in a while.

Have you revisited a simple activity with your children that you once did at their age? Perhaps cooking a family recipe that has been passed down generations. Or teaching your child the art of origami the way you learned from your grandmother.

Children have such curious and playful minds, just waiting to be nourished. They deserve our time. And who knows? A walk down memory lane might be closer than you think.

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