Small steps to health work, but sometimes they need adjusting

generic fitness 3 - shoe footBY SHAWNDRA HOLMBERG
Being808 Contributor

Can small healthy steps really make a difference? Sure, they can!

Small steps add up. And they’re less likely to use up all your willpower in one day. Small steps allow you to ease onto a healthier path and the best part is, they’re achievable.

Now sure, there are loads of people who have completely turned their lives around in one huge leap. There are also lots of people who struggle to make big changes only to give up completely.

Taking small steps also means you can re-adjust often. Weekly, you can ask yourself: Is my small step working? If yes, then you can add another step.

If not, then you can make a tweak and keep moving forward.

Sometimes, small steps don’t work because they’re not small enough. Or you might need to think through how you’re approaching your step.

For example, I recently committed to completing five minutes of meditation and visualization daily. I had originally thought of taking five minutes first thing in the morning and making it a formal meditation session. But I never got around to it.

Instead, I found that a few minutes of visualization while I was starting on the treadmill set the stage for a great workout. I also chose a short mantra that I could silently say along with a short breathing meditation whenever I needed a quick pick-me-up.

I needed to tweak my small step in order for it to work.

shawndraShawndra Holmberg writes about small things we can all do to live a healthier lifestyle. And she believes weight loss is a journey not a destination. Like any journey, weight loss has switchbacks, reduced speed zones, blind curves ahead, and a few fast lanes (yes, even on the Big Island). She also believes that a successful journey begins with small steps. Connect with Shawndra on Facebook or check out her blog.

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