Meet our team

808strong strollerWe launched being808 in 2012 to provide people in the islands an engaging and approachable source of information on health, fitness and personal well-being.

We’ve worked to foster a Hawaii-based conversation about what we all can do to live healthier lives – with fresh features on health and fitness trends, guest voices and our #808strong campaign to encourage people to share their daily health successes and garner some support along the way.

We hope you’ll join the conversation and follow our team of regular contributors. And we’d love to hear from you: Let us know what you’d like more of, what you think we should be writing about or what we might do better. Please send your feedback to or reach us through our social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, InstagramPinterest and Google+.


Fernando Pacheco is a blogger for being 80fp8, a content specialist at HMSA and a media jack-of-all trades. He’s dedicated to seeking a healthier lifestyle for himself and his family. Join him on his journey on our blog and on social media! Chat with him directly on Twitter.


deniseDenise Lau is a content specialist at HMSA and blogs about mommyhood with her #808moms series. She has her hands full with a precocious, artistic daughter and active son. Her goal is to be healthy and fit while her kids become successful, well-rounded adults. Follow her on Twitter.


nakasoneJamie Nakasone is a correspondence specialist at HMSA. Her favorite pastimes are spending time with her husband, reading and playing pool. She is taking her journey to better health with tiny steps and although she describes herself as a “bungling” gardener, she hasn’t given up yet. Follow her on Twitter.



Mary Vorsino is the customer relationship manager at HMSA, and contributes and edits content for Before joining the health care universe, she was a daily newspaper reporter. She’s always on Twitter — chat with her there.


Fernfernandoando Pizarro, a senior manager at HMSA, is one of the founders of being808. Not to be confused with Fernando Pacheco, who is a lot more entertaining and talented. Email him at or connect with him on Twitter and Facebook.



Adam Smith, a web product manager at HMSA, is one of the founder of being808. He started this blog to share his journey of learning about health through exercise, good food and interviewing Hawaii’s experts. Chat with him directly on Twitter.


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