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  • My name is Kristalena Lamore I am the Coordinator of the Kahumana Yoga program at Kahumana Farms in Waianae Hi. We would love any chance to promote this program which is fairly new. We offer all levels of donation based yoga/meditation classes with certified yoga instructors. We encourage anyone to join a class suitable to them. Someone brand new to yoga – an experienced yogi. We offer classes/events outside directly on the property of the organic farm as well as an indoor studio space. We truly believe that yoga should be accessible to all specially members of the community. Yoga can lower the rates of health issues, mental stress, speed up metabolism and has many other benefits including an overall mood boost. I believe you have already wrote about Kahumana Organic Farms and our non-profit A.S.I. We would love your expanded support of the yoga program as well, because most people dont know we have this program available on property.


  • Hi! Are you still doing free group fitness at the beach? Do you offer any other group fitness classes? Thank you!


  • Hi Kelsey,
    We have other donation based yoga classes, you can check em’ out on our website! (Click the yoga tab on top Right)


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